Information Technology

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Since 1996, the Currah Consultancy has designed and installed many Web pages and Web-based computer programs on both its own Web server and clients' external Web servers.

The purpose of the Web-based programs is to allow interactive input by the Web user; something which is not possible with an ordinary static Web page like this one.

There are two types of Web programs. The first kind is situated within the Web page visible on the user's computer screen. Such programs are called 'client-side programs' (where the word 'client' is a technical term not to be confused with its usual meaning in the field of business). The second kind is situated on the Web-server computer which sends pages to the remote user's computer. Such programs are called 'server-side programs'.

The Currah Consultancy uses 'Javascript' technology for client-side programs and 'CGI' technology for server-side programs. Javascript is a single computer language which is very popular and is sometimes called 'the language of the Web'. CGI means 'Common Gateway Interface' and it is not a single language; rather, it is a simple set of rules for deploying computer languages on a Web-server. The CGI rules do not specify which languages must be used but the languages called 'BASIC', 'Fortran', 'C', and 'Perl' are commonly used and have all been used by the Currah Consultancy.

Client-side and server-side programs can be applied to many kinds of information processing found in business, government, science and engineering. The examples below are some of the applications installed by the Currah Consultancy. They vary from very simple to complex but they are all easy to start up. There is no charge and no registration; try them out now.
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Panorama viewer Panorama viewer. This small client-side Javascript program enables the user to control the visible part of panoramic photographs which are much wider than the screen. Try it for yourself.
Conkers tournament simulator Conkers tournament simulator. This is a light-hearted presentation of a substantial client-side Javascript program. The installation simulates the changing pattern of scores among a small population of players such as boys in a school yard in early autimn. The program embodies an application of probability theory.
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